Zoom Support Meetings

These ongoing Zoom sessions are for anyone who has been to a Living with Loss retreat or has already been participating in Zoom sessions with Abi. 

Here is the programme from February to the end of June 2022.

Let me know if you need Zoom log-ins for any of the sessions.

Saturday mornings – Creative grief ‘activities’: 10:30 am 

These one hour sessions are open to anyone who has been bereaved, no matter how recently or long ago, and will usually be held about every two months. These sessions are creative or activity based, and they’re most enjoyable when participants prepare and participate.

  • Saturday 12th February, (10:15 chatting) 10:30 – 11:30 – The art of grief and life. Does art speak to you? Do you visit art galleries? Any pictures, cartoons or paintings that you could share? Or what about your own art – do you draw or paint? Have you done any art classes? Have you got any creations do share? And finally, did your loved one paint or draw? Anything to share from them? – As you can see, the idea of this session is for those participating to bring things to share. You can send them beforehand if you like and I’ll include them in the PowerPoint. (It was an interesting topic so we will return to this at a later date.)

Monday evenings – Exploring grief 7 pm

This is a general grief group, mostly for those who are recently bereaved (within the past 1-2 years), but anybody who is interested in the topic is welcome.

  • Monday 16th May, 7 pm – Coping with holidays and ‘celebrations’. What makes a ‘good’ holiday when you’re grieving? What are you looking for in a holiday? Do you want to keep returning to places you’ve already been or go to new places? Are there practical concerns with booking or taking a holiday if you’re alone, or going with grown children or friends? Are there alternatives to holidays you used to take? This is the idea for the topic, however, if there’s anything else you’d like to talk about, we can. I hope this will be a useful, practical pre-summer session and look forward to hearing your experiences. Hopefully there will be tips to take away from each other.

Bereaved parents (days differ – 7 pm start)

These sessions are open to all bereaved parents who have already been attending our Zoom groups. One hour session. Room opens 5 minutes early. We’ll continue an extra 15 minutes if it’s needed (ending by latest 7:15)

  • Monday 21st February – Prayer and our children. How do you feel about prayer, considering how things have turned out? Do you pray for your children now? Do you pray for others? What form do your prayers take?
  • (No session in March, although you are invited to the 14th March “Exploring Grief” session – see above.)
  • Monday 25th April – How’s it going? A chance to share news and updates about anything you’d like to talk about.
  • Monday 23rd May – The things I do now and decisions I make – what would my child have thought and how does that affect me?

Grief Heroines – ladies only – 7:00 pm (Mondays )

This is a small group of ladies who have been bereaved in difficult ways, such as through suicide, or with other complications. We meet monthly on Mondays

  • Monday 14th February – Coping with secondary losses
  • (No session in March, although you are invited to the 14th March “Exploring Grief” session – see above.)
  • Monday 9th May – (Topic to be announced)

Pilgrimage 2022

These sessions are only for those who have booked to take part in the Living with Loss Pilgrimage in June 2022.

  • Friday 21st January, 6:30 pm – How are you getting on with fitness goals? Reflecting more on the meaning of pilgrimage.
  • Saturday 12th March, 4 pm – Practical questions and preparation. Travel plans. Anything else we need to finalise.
  • Friday 29th April, 7 pm – Updates on plans. Symbols of pilgrimage. and anything else.
  • Monday 30th May, 7 pm – A final pre-pilgrimage chat and chance to work out any last minute details

Grief Companion Catch Up Sessions

Occasional sessions for anyone who has done at least one course of the Grief Companion training. 1 hour

  • Thursday 17th February, 6:00 pm – Useful books for the bereaved – what helps? Plus: making them accessible. Loaning vs giving? Please do bring some of your own suggestions of appropriate books.

Grief Companion Training – Part 1

The next Grief Companion Course – Part 1 – (possibly starting again on Wednesday 27th April – to be confirmed ). Six weekly sessions. Find out more and register here: Online Training Course (Zoom) – Grief Companion (wordpress.com)

Grief Companion Training – Part 2

The next Grief Companion Course – Part 2. Five weekly sessions. Find out more and register here: Online Training Course (Zoom) – Grief Companion (wordpress.com)