Gathering 2022: “The Changing of Seasons”

Here is information about the next ‘Tearoom Gathering’ Living with Loss Retreat  This is a 3 nights/4 day retreat in October 2022.

  • Location: Cloverley Hall in Shropshire
  • Arrival 4 pm Monday 17th October
  • Departure after lunch Thursday 20th October
  • Cost £255 
  • Places available: Up to 28
  • 17 ensuites are available on a ‘first come first served’ basis (£21)    
  • Only open to those who have already attended one or more Living with Loss retreats (at any location). 
  • Book directly with Abi, not Cloverley Hall
  • A deposit is required to reserve your place 

Please note that the dates on the download files are incorrect. The original dates were 14-17 October. This has now been changed to 17-20 October (due to circumstances beyond our control – but with the advantage that we have sole use of the Hall during our stay) 

Download: Information.LwLGatheringOctober2022

Download Booking form: Booking.LivingWithLossGatheringOct2022

The programme

For some of you, this will probably be more of a social gathering and that is perfectly fine. For others who are newer on the grief journey, you might be looking for more support in your journey, and that will be provided. We will sometimes subdivide into groups according to type of loss or other differences in grief journeys. There may also be some additional sessions in the afternoons for those who haven’t been to a Gathering before. 

Here is a general idea of what we hope to cover in the programme (subject to change). As always during the ‘Gathering Retreat’, the emphasis is on everyone’s conversations and interactions. Having the sessions gives us some common focus, and some thoughts to take away with you.   

Monday: Arrival. After the evening meal, our first session will be an introduction to the theme: “The Changing of Seasons”

Tuesday:  Morning session on storytelling, life and grief, including: How and where do you tell your story? In person, digitally, in a book? How does your story interconnect with your loved one? What’s your own story? What’s the role of ‘home’ in your story? Have you moved – are you planning to move? We’ll also look at how stories change and evolve over time. There will be opportunities to share about you and your loved ones.

Afternoon: Free for excursions, enjoying the facilities, craft and so on. (If you’ve already seen Whitchurch, you might want to visit Market Drayton, famous for its gingerbread. BBC – Shropshire – Features – Market Drayton Gingerbread

Evening: Bonfire (weather permitting) or ‘Games night’ – relax with board games, table tennis, bar billiards, or simply sit  and chat.

Wednesday: Morning session on listening and grief, including: Who listens to you when you need to tell your story? To whom do you listen? We’ll look at listening skills, and discuss peer support and limits of self-disclosure.

Wednesday afternoon: Free for excursions, enjoying the property, craft and so on.

Wednesday evening: Candle-lighting remembrance service following by relaxation with music, snacks and a drink.

Thursday morning:  Adjusting your life to the changing of seasons, including: How has life changed since your bereavement? What changes are up ahead? How do you prepare for and manage those changes? How are you processing changes within your family or friends’ relationships?

Lunch, followed by departure.  

Those who reserve a place will get periodic emails with updates about the event, be able to contribute ideas & requests, and also see who else is attending. 

Scroll down for information about the location, the retreat itself, booking details, and getting to the Hall. 

Tearoom Gathering 2023: Monday 4 – Friday 8 September 

Good news! We have been able to reserve Cloverley Hall for next year’s 2023 Tearoom Gathering.  

Cost: About £325 (to be confirmed). This will be for 5 days / 4 nights.

The theme will be “Thresholds”. How do we move over from where we’ve been to where we need to go – and just where is it that we need to go in our life and grief journey? The plan includes at least one day’s walking in Wales (optional – other activities available for the less mobile) and a visit to the world-famous Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, plus a bonfire one evening.

You can arrive for lunch on Monday (optional, no extra charge), and departure will be after breakfast on Friday. There will be space for around 30+ participants, including 18 ensuite rooms  – first come, first served (extra charge). I’ll send out an email and write more details here once we are ready to start taking bookings. 

The location

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Cloverley Hall is a Christian Conference Centre in North Shropshire, roughly 5 miles from Whitchurch in one direction and about 7 miles to Market Drayton in the other.

We held our 2021 Gathering at this property and it was very welcoming. It is a Victorian Hall and is quite grand as you approach it. Inside, some areas are oak-walled with flagged flooring; other parts are carpetted. This is not a luxurious place but it is very clean and perfectly adequate. We will have our own dining room, meeting room plus activity room. There are plenty of spaces for us to use, both inside and outside. We will be the only group using the hall. 

All the rooms are comfortable, heated and well-lit. There are 17 ensuite rooms available. Rooms without an ensuite are within easy reach of WC, shower and bath facilities which will be reserved for your sole use. There are a very limited number of accessible rooms on the ground floor. Rooms are single, twin-bedded or multi-bedded. There is a wardrobe and sink in every room. 

The meals are freshly prepared, and all diets are catered for. There will be a cooked breakfast and two course lunch and evening meal, plus snacks between.

There is a central place for making tea and coffee whenever you wish, and we’ll make sure there are snacks available as well. (There are no tea-making facilities in the rooms.)

You can also have a look at this website to get an idea of the facilities, including an indoor games room with bar billiards and table tennis, plus outdoor sports. The Hall is set in beautiful grounds with woodlands and a rose garden, and plenty of opportunities for walking near or far.

Essential information

  • For those who are driving, there is plenty of space to park. (Please see directions on the last page.)
  • If you’re travelling by train to Whitchurch, we can arrange to pick you up and drop you off at the station. If possible you should time your arrival for between 3:00 to 4:00 pm and your departure after 2:30 pm on Monday. However, if this is complicated for your train times, we can figure something out. You could also take a taxi or Uber.
  • Sometimes people ask about staying an extra night. This is not possible due to the arrangements at the Conference centre. However, North Shropshire is beautiful and there are lots of B&Bs and hotels if wish to extend your stay in the area.
  • Towels are not usually provided, and you will need to bring your own hand and bath towels plus toiletries. 


Christian Conference Centre

Postcode: SY13 4PH

Cloverley Hall is situated in North Shropshire near the village of Calverhall, mid-way between the towns of Whitchurch and Market Drayton.

Rail: The nearest railway station is at Whitchurch, approximately 18 minute train journey from Crewe, which is a major hub.


  • It is best to set your SatNav for Calverhall (the village up the road).
  • Then, with the Olde Jack Pub and the Church on your left hand side, continue south-east for a further 200m until you reach Cloverley Lodge and the entry gates to Cloverley Hall on your left hand side. Enter through these gates and continue up the tarmac drive for approx 1/2 mile until you reach the hall, where you can park in the rear car park.
  • If you should end up at the farm, then return to the village of Calverhall and follow the above directions.

Here’s a YouTube video of the location. Remember we won’t have nearly as many people as shown, but at least it gives you an idea of the location. (I recommend listening with the sound muted – it has annoying music!) 

(Page updated 7/3/22)